CareGivers Learns about Conflict Resolution

Conflicts happen—it’s as easy as that. It’s something almost all of us can agree on. But the fact is, when you work with the same people day in and day out, not only can conflicts pop up left, right, and centre, but they can grow to the point where it’s impossible to do your job to the best of your abilities.

On April 13th, 6 CareGivers office staff ventured out of their comfort zones and into Conflict Resolution training. Hosted by Achieve Training Centre at the Ramada St. John’s, our office staff was given the opportunity to learn about different conflict styles, how to diffuse intense situations, and, probably most surprisingly, what really ticked them off. The energetic lectures and creative role playing weren’t just to keep our participants intrigued, it worked great with teaching them to assess what type of conflict styles they would eventually be dealing with and even how to predict reactions. It’s these skills that not only help to keep a cool head in situations before irritation and frustration escalate, but they help turn conflict into an opportunity for communication. Congrats to all of our CareGivers who completed the training session!


About caregiversnl

What makes CareGivers different is our focus on relationships- with our clients and their families, with our employees, and with the communities we serve. We have grown to become Newfoundland’s largest and most trusted provider of homecare and residential services by keeping people at the heart of everything we do. We strive to improve every day the care we provide, the experience and training we give our staff, and the communities which we are a part of. CareGivers is the first private agency in Newfoundland to be nationally accredited and the first agency in Canada to partner with the Residential Child Care Project at Cornell University.
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